An amazing innovation for our homes. Innovation Africa.

She started coding at the age of 10, Fathia Abdullahi and her peers are already using their skills to make daily laundry task of folding clothes.

Twelve-year-old Fathia Abdullahi while speaking with the BBC said she intended to use coding to build robots that will help her parents easily perform tasks that was time demanding.

She revealed that folding of cloths is one of the major challenges in her house.

Oluwatobiloba Nsikakabasi Owolola, who is also 12, has programmed a robot grabber that senses nearby objects and moves them. Owolola said he would want to be a robotic engineer

While many have applauded the innovation as novel, others have called for patenting to avoid being duplicated. Young girls in Africa have had enough already, they’ve been molested, sexually assaulted, deprived of education and forced to marry at tender age. The feat achieved by Fathia and friends can as well be replicated through the funding of girls in science and the gradual removal of gender identification of roles and traditional socialization process.

Fathia hopes to become a food scientist in the future and maybe we can have a mix of technology and food processing in no distant time.