Senegalese-American singer, record producer and philanthropist, Aliaume Damala popularly known as Akon has disclosed in a video conversation that, African-Americans have been brainwashed to fear coming to the continent.

He made this statement whilst having a live chat with American rapper and actor, Joseph Antonio Cartagena who is better known in the music scene as Fat Joe.

According to Fat Joe, anytime he meet up with fellow African-Americans and talk about visiting Africa, they express surprise; Akon in response stated that, “they brainwashed them so much to the point that, when you say the word Africa, they just start shaking”.

Akon further added that, the whole mindset these people developed about African goes back to the days of slavery where they were beaten to the point of fear causing them to develop such attitude towards the continent.

He conclusively stated that, in Africa, one need not to worry about racism or fight for any equality because “this is your land”. “The table is turned when you are back over there” he added.