It’s been another disappointing bid for Morocco: the country had been hoping to make it fifth time lucky, but that was not be.

From a neutral point of view, Morocco faced an uphill task to win this bid.

They had come in to the process late and, from early on, it was obvious that hosting a World Cup which has been expanded to 48 teams would be an uphill task for a comparatively small nation.

At least nine new stadiums would have had to be built and enormous infrastructure development would need to be undertaken.

And despite assurances from the government it could afford it, their bid was beaten by a safer bid from the US, Canada and Mexico.

There is also the fact the United bid looks set to take in more than twice the revenue that Morocco would have, with some estimates saying the winning bid could make as much as $14bn (£10.3bn) in revenue, which could well have helped sway the vote.

It’s another big blow but, as one fan told me, they have now switched their attention to their first match at the World Cup in Russia.

On Friday, Morocco’s “Atlas Lions” take on Iran in their first game in this competition in 20 years.