The Chadian government says it does not understand the decision by the U.S. to include the country in a list of states affected by the new travel ban.

The Donald Trump administration on Sunday announced new restrictions on visitors from Chad and seven other countries — an expansion of an existing travel ban.

Following that move, Chadian Communication Minister Madeleine Alingué urged President Trump to reconsider the decision, saying it contrasts with anti-terrorism efforts.

“The Chadian government expresses its lack of understanding of official reasons behind this decision. This move contrasts with Chad’s constant efforts and commitments in the fight against terrorism at the regional and global levels,” she said in a statement.

Chad is the headquarters for a multinational force set-up to fight Nigeria-based extremist terror group Boko Haram.

In her statement, Alingué termed the US’ decision as undermining the image of CHAD and the good relations between the two countries.

She said the African State is ready for discussions to reinforce collaboration on security and counter-terrorism.

“Chad remains available to any discussion in order to reinforce its collaboration with the United States of America on security and counter-terrorism issues. However, the government doesn’t want to be forced to use the principle of reciprocity, which could undermine interests of the two countries,” the statement read.