Stanley Goreraza, an officer in Zimbabwe’s Air Force and the first husband of Zimbabwe’s former first lady Grace Mugabe, has publicly lauded the Nigerian-based Prophet T.B. Joshua, saying other prophets scamming people with “‘anointed’ items from oil to condoms”.

“The main reason I have the utmost respect for TB Joshua is not because he, by God’s power, has performed veritable miracles of healing and countless prophecies, all which gained the attention of some of the top Intelligence agencies in the world, but because his teaching and messages fit into the gospel of Jesus Christ,” wrote Goreraza, who worked for many years in China as a defence attaché, on his Facebook page.


The Zimbabwean, currently based in India, continued that despite not attending seminary or theological school, no evangelist was in the TB Joshua’s league.

“He teaches with love, truth and such great wisdom, all derived from his sincerity, faith and love for the work of God. He delivers his teaching with gentleness enveloped in smiles. He attended no seminary school, has no schooling in theology, yet not one Evangelist, Apostle or Pastor is in his league. Many who claim to be Men of God have tried to copy everything about him but they all fall short”.

Goreraza termed the Nigerian cleric “the most imitated man of God in Africa” yet equally “the most envied and hated by other clerics”.

“Many who claim to be Men of God have tried to copy everything about him but they all fall short. He is the most imitated Man of God in Africa and the most envied and hated by other Clerics. They try but fail to be like him because he genuinely is humble and genuinely loves and knows God. He is not pictured flaunting wealth in expensive cars and private jets”.

The Zimbabwean acknowledged that many in pastors and prophets “use his name to lure followers” by “claiming to be his spiritual sons” but the Nigerian always redirected people to God as the title of ‘spiritual father’ “belongs to God”.

“He does not encourage people to pursue riches but a life without sin so that they can be candidates of Heaven,” Goreraza further asserted, adding that, unlike other self-proclaimed prophets, T.B. Joshua “never asks for money from people through endless seeding” but “actually gives money to those in need”.

The controversial air-force officer concluded by reminding readers that the televangelist was the first to introduce “anointing water” which was freely given to congregants.

“Everyone else followed suit and produced ‘anointed’ items from oil to condoms, but for a price,” he surmised.

Stanley Goreraza is a prolific social media commentator, especially on Zimbabwean political affairs, and commands a sizeable following on Facebook. He made headlines when he accused Zimbabwe’s former President Robert Mugabe of ‘stealing’ his wife.