Actor Idris Elba has blamed “lazy journalism” for reports that he suggested that the world should spend a week indoors every year to remember COVID-19.

The suggestion was shot down by many observers, with Elba coming under heavy scrutiny on social media.

“I think that the world should take a week of quarantine every year just to remember this time. Remember each other. I really do,” he told the Associated Press, as reported last week. “Other species use it. It’s called hibernation. But it does remind you that the world doesn’t tick on your time.”

The suggestion raised the ire of many, with other celebrities weighing in on Elba’s comments. Talk show host Wendy Williams was particularly scathing, saying the 47 year old had no right to ask people to relive their trauma.

“This is something you’ll never forget. Will you ever forget it? Do you have to self quarantine, next year this time? I don’t. Idris, sit down,” she scolded the actor.

“First of all, I love being in my home, so it’s nothing for me to stay in the house for a week. But, I don’t need to do it to self-reflect on this disaster going on right now.”

Elba took to Twitter to defend his comments.

“I didn’t suggest an actual annual lock down. I suggested a way of remembrance annually. Lazy journalism and click bate [sic] thirst will get your words twisted real quick. The actual POINT was that agriculture and the rural poor will suffer long after this time. Focus don’t hocus,” wrote Elba.

The actor and his wife Sabrina Dhowre Elba both tested positive for the coronavirus and went into self-isolation with “very mild” symptoms in March.

So far, Covid-19 has claimed the lives of more than 203,000 people worldwide. – daily mast