An investigation into a racist Chinese restaurant within Africa that doesn’t allow blacks except you’re accompanied by a Chinese.

A major news platform in the West African country had reported on how Nigerians and blacks are not allowed to enter or order food in what it termed a ‘racist’ Chinese restaurant called Shi Shi in the heart of Lagos.

The visit by the Punch reporter was as a result of claims made by some Nigerians on social media. If you want to try your luck or investigate, the restaurant is located on 21B, Emina Crescent, Off Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos.

To think that only the Chinese are allowed entry has since sparked an online outrage as it was also learnt that Nigerians and other Blacks are in fact, allowed patronage if they are accompanied by a Chinese. The newspaper correspondent on visiting the restaurant, was immediately accosted by a stern looking combat ready guy in Army camouflage who asked, “Who are you looking for?” According to the guard, he said he was acting on instruction.

Meanwhile, a director at Shi Shi Chinese Restaurant has responded by saying that the outlet caters to only gentlemen, rather than to everyone.

He added that, globally, Chinese restaurants are never open to “every Tom, Dick and Harry.”

When asked how the restaurant defines a gentleman, Adegbite said, “The restaurant is divided into two sections . There is one open to the public and there is one called Hot Pot.

“The Hot Pot is where you enter and cook on your own. All the ingredients are made available. But it’s only for Chinese nationals.

“Maybe it’s this one that some people tried entering and were disallowed and is now causing the outcry.”

Many have called on the government to investigate this claim, especially when the Chinese have a reputation of treating Africans, albeit in the negative.