Kenyan Supreme Court judges, from left to right, Njoki Ndung'u, Jackton Ojwang, Deputy Chief Justice Philomela Mwilu, Chief Justice David Maraga, Smokin Wanjala and Isaac Lenaola preside over the hearing of the petitions, Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017. Supreme Court is hearing petitions challenging President Uhuru Kenyatta’s reelection in a repeat presidential poll. The court made history when it nullified Kenyatta’s reelection in August citing irregularities and illeligaties in the vote count and failure by the electoral commission to allow scrutiny of its servers to dispel opposition leader Raila Odinga’s claim of electoral fraud. (AP Photo/Sayyid Abdul Azim)

The slay queen is in the business of drugging and stealing from her male companions.

She is beautiful, classy and social. Men stay in line to hang out with her; but unknown to them, she has a different mission other than giving pleasure. According to the policeman, it all started with a casual drink on January 6, 2019. All he wanted was some good time with the female companion, but he soon started feeling dizzy and after he woke up, he found out that his pistol and two mobile phones were gone!

While this is unarguably a common practice among call girls and prostitutes, Lydia Njeri had gone too far by robbing a policeman of his mobile phone and firearm. What on earth was she thinking?

Yesterday, Makadara chief magistrate Heston Nyaga sentenced the accused Lydia Njeri, to seven years in prison with no option of a fine, after she pleaded guilty to the crime.

Lydia Njeri admitted to the court that she stole a pistol and two mobile phones from the police man (who she didn’t know was an intelligence officer).

She was able to hide for four months before she was eventually caught.

The magistrate said there is a big number of slay queens who prey on men by drugging and stealing from them.

“I find that there are cases on the rise of people who call themselves slay queens. Their work is to go to clubs and look for someone to drug and steal their valuables,” Chief Magistrate Heston Nyaga said.

He added that the case should serve as a lesson to those with similar character.

Njeri was sentenced to five years for possessing a firearm without a certificate and two years for stealing the pistol and phones from the officer.

In mitigation, she pleaded for forgiveness saying she was a single mother and her family depended on her.

“When I realized that I had stolen his pistol, I went and threw it in a pit latrine. I sold the phones to a Ugandan and used the money,” she told the court.

The court heard that Peter Kilemi was approached by Njeri for a drink in a club and he obliged.

Little did Kilemi know that all that was a set up by Njeri to steal from him.

The single mother of two admitted she stole a pistol worth Sh250,000, a magazine loaded with 15 bullets of 9mm caliber valued at Sh735 and two mobile phones worth Sh36,700.