Opposition Chief Raila Odinga told off the deputy president William Ruto to brace himself for a difficult duel ahead of 2022 presidential race.

Raila, who is yet to launch his presidential bid, implored Kenyans to be wary of leaders who eye presidential seat, however, they oppose war on corruption saying they have nothing good to offer to the country.

“Do not be swayed or derailed by politics of 2022. There are things we must fix before 2022. If we do not stand now, things are going to get worse,” said Raila.

The former Prime Minister revealed that the political battle will be between two groups, one which is after the country’s prosperity and unity against the one thriving in ethnic divisions and looted wealth.

Speaking to supporters on Monday, May 27, in a company of a group of ODM leaders, the African Union envoy for infrastructure said there are things they want to fix in order to restore sanity in the country’s politics.

“The coming changes will provide a chance to restore some sanity to our politics and running of public affairs,” he added.

The ODM party leader is pushing for Constitution amendments which he claims is the only solution to longstanding issues affecting the nation.

He is advocating for expansion of the executive arm of the government to include election losers in a bid to mitigate post-poll violence. Raila wants the ‘winner takes it all’ system be done away with.

He is also calling for the re-introduction of the parliamentary system of government and reduction of the number of county government from 47 to 14.

The longest serving opposition leader has also proposed creation of post of the Prime Minister and his two deputies saying it would end the marginalization of some communities.

The deputy president William Ruto has been leading a campaign against referendum noting that quest for constitution change is led by self-fish interest.

“On behalf of Jubilee family, we will not be derailed by those who want us to lose focus but will ensure the Big Four Agenda is attained fully,” Ruto said.

On fight against graft, Ruto’s lieutenants have claimed that the deputy president is being targeted. They have constantly accused President Uhuru Kenyatta and his new ally Raila Odinga of planning to scuttle his presidential ambition.