By Blessing Simpson Madzima| Replying to the suggestion that our President Advocate Nelson Chamisa should replace General Chiwenga as Vice President.

The arrangement of ED offering Nelson Chamisa to the Vice President position will be a very high degree of corruption and I can assure you our President and our Party will not get into such corrupt arrangements. It will not work. For the experience you talk about, Nelson does not need to get experience in practicing corruption, he has already gained experience in good governance and making the right decisions of standing with the people in all most difficult times.

One doesn’t have to build alliances with corrupt groups to be president. What is vital to be a President is to remain principled and maintaining your values with integrity. Nelson has done that and that is the reason the people of Zimbabwe want him to be President.

Your suggestion is to condemn Zimbabweans to remain being held at ransom by the army and those connected to it, we can’t build a better Zimbabwe under that system. We need a completely different trajectory where a leader comes from the people not from corrupt arrangements.

The environment is doing fine and it’s giving citizens an experience that fraudulent processes to gain power will never resuscitate our economy or be able to give hope to our communities. We are where we are because of those corrupt arrangements. Real free Zimbabwe will come soon. God has a plan with us as a nation and it will not fail.

Blessing Simpson Madzima ( MDC U K)