Women in Morocco have hit back at an online campaign, which tells men to police women’s clothing, by saying women have the right to wear whatever they want.

“Be a man and do not let your women and girls go out in tight clothes” is the name of the Facebook group whose members say men should curb street harassment by stopping women from “wearing obscene clothes” in public, such as bikinis or “revealing clothing”.

The debate spread to Twitter, alongside a hashtag which translates into English as #BeAMan. This outraged many who responded with their own hashtag, meaning #BeAFreeWoman.

Some have mocked the idea of covering women up and called the message “patriarchal” and “misogynist”.

“Everyone has the exclusive freedom to take a decision to wear any kind of clothing on the beach… We live in a state of law, not in a religious state,” one commentator wrote on Facebook. “Be a man and leave her alone” said another critic.

“Because I am a free Moroccan woman, my campaign will be ‘be a man and take care of yourself’, said Magda Karami.