Lulu Jemimah married herself and her goals on her birthday this year. It was a bold statement with just the right hint of playful pettiness. Inspired, Ugandan celebrities recently staged a mock-wedding to help her raise her tuition.

When Lulu Jemimah married herself, it was glorious. Her parents had been on her case for not getting married soon enough and she gave them what they were asking for: a wedding! She sent out wedding invitations and even walked down the aisle to no one. It was petty, hilarious and bold at the same time. The world fell in love with her.

Lulu’s big day of committing to her goals only cost her two pounds as friends chipped in to make the day a success. Jemimah said, “I have a strong passion in life and I am committed to achieving my goals at becoming an academic. But all my family wanted to ask me was when I planned to get married – which is very important back in Uganda – followed by when I would be having children and starting a family.”

She also said her father had written her a wedding speech when she turned 16 while her mother had taken to praying that she finds a good man. She has officially shut them down now! Unfortunately, her parents did not attend. Her story has, however, captured the imagination of all and sundry, with radio personality Siima K K Sabiti and Bernard Mukasa staging a mock wedding in Kampala, Uganda to help Jemimah raise tuition for her studies. Over 200 guests attended and there was a lot of cake and joy to go around.

Nothing looked unreal here. The goal was to help empower a young woman who committed to her studies to achieve her dreams and half the job is done. Donations have been rolling in through Jemimah’s crowdfund page while the wedding guests paid US$5.20 to attend the Sabiti and Mukasa mock wedding which was styled #TheKaBernzWedding.

Sabiti, the mock wedding bride, said, “Many more young women are not succumbing to the societal pressures. Many like Lulu are pursuing further education, or their careers, starting their own businesses before settling down. It’s happening slowly but more and more people are beginning to accept it.” African women are starting to spread their wings and here is to hoping Lulu Jemimah will not be the last.